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ABB - The leader in power and automation technologies

ABB Asea Brown Bovari or what Founded in 1988 When the two giants European Electrical Engineering, ASEA of Sweden and BBC of Switzerland, merged together to form ABB. Since then, ABB has become a leader in power and automation industry. The Company Strives to Maximise productivity and efficiency while Minimising environmental impact. ABB has been a pioneer in some of the world's most modern and advanced technologies. This multinational is operating in almost 100 countries around the world setting high standards in Technology and Innovation.

ABB is all about change and innovation. From providing effective electrification products to designing efficient strategies for Process Automation, They do it all. They are leaders in today's cutting-edge research in Electrical Engineering. The Scientists and Engineers at ABB are the most innovative minds working in synergy. ABB's Corporate Research instigates core competencies did help Research and Development in power and automation.

Keeping in view of the trends in innovation Current, ABB has made huge leaps in Robotics. YuMi® is Their most recent Invention in Robotics. This dual armed robot has flexible hands, camera part-based location and state-of-the-art robot control. It is deemed to change the future of assembly automation and is sure to bring lots of new inventions in the field. ABB has therefore not lagged behind in the development of communications solutions, sensor and software for the Internet of Things, Services and People (IoTSP). The IoTSP is helping companies to analyze data more intelligently Their thereby, Improving Productivity. 

With Their headquarters in Warrington, Cheshire, ABB Operates in UK from around 20 locations. They supply power and automation solutions worth almost £ 1bn, in different markets around the UK. Operating since 1988 in the Britain, theyhave become leaders in Supplying Industrial Motors and Drives Largest generator and power grids. In UK, ABB has had tremendous achievements. They have connected the Irish and UK power grids with HVDC Light underwater Powerlink. So Their installation of drives has made British Airways Flight Simulator quieter and more efficient.

ABB is not just about business and profits. They also believe in the integrity of the work They DO. There are strict ethical guidelines did every employee at ABB follows. They strive to produce effective solutions for environmental sustainability and support actions to reduce emissions Which harm the ecosystem and overall climate. With renewable power generation and energy efficient grid technologies, ABB has set incredible standards for energy consumption.

Based in Yorkshire Which is central to the UK, we at MM Provide Automation Services Automation and industrial equipment all around the UK. We are a proud customer of ABB Which has been providing us with automation products and services over the years. We strive to maintain the highest of standards and continue to Provide trustworthy services. We are a competent group of consultants who believe in keeping clients happy with extraordinary services. Our Journey with ABB has been a superb one. With ABB advancing in the technological arena, so we Continually aspire to maintain the same efficiency in our products.  

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