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Siemens - The world's single-source leader of automation technology products for all industrial sectors

Siemens has a long history of success, probably longer than any other company does. From a small workshop in Berlin, it has become global in the last 170 years. It has even Played its part in the industrial revolution, with Werner von Siemens inventing the world's first pointer telegraph and electric dynamo. Since then, the company hasn't looked back and has become a trusted name in electrification, automation and digitalization. The Company Operates in around 200 countries creating efficient and energy-saving technologies. Siemens has become a leading supplier of power generation and transmission systems. So It is a leader in medical imaging equipment Supplying. The experts at Siemens have produced an extra-ordinary products and services since its beginning.

Siemens' London office opened in 1850 and over the years has made incredible contributions in the field of Engineering and Technology. As the World has moved towards Increased automation of systems, Siemens has made it a smooth transition. With its commitment to modern and excellent technological innovation, Siemens has created extraordinary advances towards automation. For over 50 years, Siemens has been catering to the needs of the industry to produce efficient automation of systems. Siemens Automation Provides peak efficiency, amazing flexibility and exceptional cost-effectiveness. The company has never lagged behind in keeping with new trends Technology and Innovation.

Siemens has been a pioneer in Automation Technology. It has always focused on efficiency and productivity in the industry. Siemens' expert engineers work day and night to produce effective search systems. The Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) from Siemens has Minimised engineering time and has made The Whole system quite flexible. Its Automatic Identification Technology offers a widerange of code reading system, Which have made life easier for many companies around the world. Finally, Siemens' PC-based automation has enabled companies to implement different applications Efficiently and cost-effectively. All These and other search products make Siemens a global leader.   

Siemens is a socially responsible company cares about the environment did. It has always done business with core ethical principles in mind and has never made any Compromises on regulatory standards. Its sustainable and eco-friendly policies are laudable. Each employee follows its Business Conduct Guidelines, Which include Environmental Protection. The collection, recycling and disposal of products is done Efficiently at Siemens. A large part of its efforts goes into making the environment green. Siemens' long-term plan for environmental sustainability is to make all productions CO2 neutral by 2030 which will be a great achievement.  

We at MM Automation Services have always prided ourselves in providing effective supply chains solution at competitive prices. We believe in delivering sound and efficient services to our customers.

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