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Schneider Electric - Specialists in electrical distribution, industrial control and automation products, systems and services.

Schneider Electric has a rich history. Formed by the Schneider Brothers in 1836 as in Iron and Steels machinery and ship building company, it has Transformed itself into a global specialist in energy management and automation. It has Adapted with the trends in engineering over the years and can now call itself one of the best energy and Automation Solutions provider. Keeping trends with modern digitization and industrialization, Schneider Electric Strives to Provide safe, efficient and sustainable energy to the world. As a multinational, it has been doing this for over a century. It has made extra ordinary Leaps in Technology and Innovation since its inception.

With its head office in London, Schneider Electric has been operating in different parts of the UK and providing energy efficient solutions over the years. It SPECIALISES in Automation and Control, Electrical Distribution and Energy Efficiency. It has revolutionized energy management and automation globally and Continually Strives to Provide safe and reliable technologies and solutions. From Resource Advisors to Internet of Things (IoT), Schneider Electric has been Producing connectivity possibilities beyond imagination.

Schneider Electric's varied range of services includes building security systems, providing electrical distribution, installing control systems and much more. It has provided services to various educational theory, business and government institutions all over the UK. Schneider Electric's electrical solutions have catered to the needs of everybody.

Schneider Electric has made vast advancements in Automation and Control. Its expert engineers work day and night to create at extensive range of automation products and services. From Machine Safety to Motor Control Schneider Electric has revolutionized the Automation and Control industry. It has proved itself as a global player in electrical Solutions and Services.

Schneider Electric's main focus has always been innovation. It has been a leader in Adapting to the new trends in technology. The Research and Development team at Schneider Electric works hard to solve our planet's energy dilemma. Technological and Industrial Innovation is at the heart of all of Schneider Electric's creations. It has worked hard to produce this amazing Electrical and Operational Efficiency.

Schneider Electric has therefore worked towards sustainability while providing effective solutions. It works with its customers and suppliers to Ensure That minimum amount of damage is done to the environment. It has gone beyond the regulatory compliance and conducts its Work ethically and responsibly. Schneider Electric has a long-term goal of Minimising The Impact of CO2 emissions, energy shortage and environmental damage. Its Access to Energy Program is working towards alleviating poverty and providing energy to under-developed areas in a sustainable way Economically.

Schneider Electric has been providing automation and Other Electrical Products to MM Automation Services. Based in Yorkshire, we at MM Automation Services have kept our customers satisfied with our extra ordinary products and services. Schneider Electric's automation products help us Provide efficient and effective Automation Solutions. Like Schneider Electric, so we believe in ethical standards and corporate social responsibility. We strive to maintain the same excellent standard delivering quality products and services to companies around the UK.

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