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Legrand - Global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures

Legrand originates from France. In 1860, a French man founded a small studio to make porcelain tableware. Over the next several years, this studio Became the famous Legrand Company and one of the most renowned names in the porcelain tableware industry. In 1919, just after the First World War the company started a small factory for electrical fittings. Since then, it has become a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of low-voltage fittings and accessories. While some companies have Looked to diversify over the years, Legrand has maintained its focus on this single market and now Produces around 30,000 products of Low Voltage Electrical Solutions.

Legrand had not expanded into the international frontiers until the mid-1960s. Starting from Belgium in 1966, the company established its operations in the UK by 1971. It has banked on its innovative products and acquisitions of various Technologically sound companies to grow in the UK. Today, Legrand is one of the most trustworthy and reliable electrical solutions provider in the UK. It is a leading manufacturer of products and systems for any electrical installation. Its Wide Range of Products caters to almost every need of the markets' electrical demands.

From cable management to installation of door entry systems, Legrand Provides a complete package of Electrical Solutions. Its modern lighting control system Ensures thatthere is just the right amount of lighting, THUS saving a lot of valuable energy. Its home automation and light management sensors are effective energy saving system, Which have Optimised use of the lighting.

Legrand thus Provides industrial and power protection, .According to the needs of its customers. It provides Integrated Solutions for the Industrial Equipment and takes care of installation. Its range of industrial enclosures and equipment has been designed keeping in mind the best specifications. The power distribution and protection devices created by Legrand's engineers are flawless. Each product has been designed using the best engineering SPECIFICALLY strategies. Legrand's industrial portfolio therefore includes cable marking systems and accessories, Which Provide reliable connections. Lastly, its Viking 3 terminal blocks help in trusted and reliable installation of all applications.

Legrand, being a specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure, has provided solutions to offices Electrical, schools, hospitals and various other institutions all over the UK. The company puts corporate social responsibility at the heart of everything They Do, thereby, trying to reduce its carbon footprint on the environment. It aims at providing sustainable solutions Keeping the strictest of ethical standards in mind. Legrand's Charter of Fundamental Principles lists all the key issues with respect to risk prevention and environment and Describes its policy for sustainable development.

Legrand has been providing quality industrial and other equipment to MM Automation Services over the years. We at MM Automation Services have always worked with commitment and have never lagged behind in our services to our customers in the UK. Legrand's reliable and trusted services have made us one of best automation service provider in the UK. We aim to Provide our products and services with the same passion and zeal.

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