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About Us

MM Automation Services was established solely to provide our customers with choice. We are a team of experienced and specialised consultants who pride ourselves in quality customer service and efficiency. MM Automation Services is based in Yorkshire, central to the UK, making us perfectly located to supply our products and services nationwide.

As a business, we pride ourselves in a strong philosophy which we build our company around. We believe a firm and strong philosophy sets the foundations for a truly successful and trustworthy business.

Our philosophy is based on three key elements.

    • Our team at MM Automation Services believe that the business should be administered with a sense of competitive urgency. We focus on providing a quick, easy & efficient service for our customers & suppliers; every enquiry is dealt with the upmost importance and urgency.
    • Constantly striving to maintain high ethical standards both with internal and external relationships is essential for our company to succeed. MM Automation Services focuses ultimately on doing what is ‘right’ for our customers, suppliers and our employees. We strongly believe in working with our competitors, not against them.
    • Our team believe in the fact finding approach to business, we base our decisions on facts rather than personal opinions and beliefs, thus maintaining open minds and alert thinking, resulting in all around better decision making. We believe basing decisions on facts allows for better flexibility and the consistent ability to adapt and grow to meet current demands and needs from our customers & suppliers.